Love in High Heels Trilogy

Three amazing women and great friends embark on a lifetime in the big city. Will they find a way to balance building careers and finding romance?


Find out when you meet them in Jayla's Truth out now!


When you find that you can't resist knowing more, check out Veronica's Revelation and Madeline's Quest -

both coming soon!




The Possession of Josephine

Josephine is a self-assured, take-no-prisoners executive. Her close friends and family have no idea that she is leading a double life and involved with a star entrepreneur with secrets of his own. See if their passion is enough to see them through her disapproving mother and his psychotic best friend.

Near Miss

Lana Peters met Toby Donovan before she turned sixteen and he changed her life within an hour long conversation. Years later, when fate throws them back together, they have to figure out if a long-distance love affair is something they can navigate given her past heartache and his mega-fame.

Totally Love

Kendall has spent her life overshadowed by siblings and struggling to make her own mark on the world. Jake is a struggling musician that is trying to find the balance between the love of music and the need to pay rent. This Eighties inspired novel will have you waxing nostalgic for Aqua Net and Neon.